Friday, March 29, 2013

What to do with three kids?

My conversation 5 minutes ago with my granddaughter who is 7, and two grand-nieces 6 and 8.

Do you know how we are related?

The 8 year old - you are our friend..
6 year old - sister?
granddaughter - grandmier?

Let me say it again! Do you know how we are related? Let's take it one step further. How am I related to your grandmother?

8 year old -I know, I know! She is your sister.
6 year old - That's right, your sister.
granddaughter - I think that she is your sister.

Next question:

How is your mother related to me?
8 year old - well, if my grandmother is your sister, then my mother is your friend! haha
6 year old - she is your niece
my granddaughter - your niece!

Next question:
If your mother is my niece, and my sister is your grandmother, how are you related to me?

8 year old - I guess that we are also your nieces(smiling) jumping up and down - I like this game.

6 year old - Niece!!!

granddaughter - well, I am your granddaughter and your sister is my Aunt and your niece must be my cousin because my daddy is also related to your niece... this is so much fun!

Now, how is my mother related to all of you?

They all respond - I know, I know...great grandmother.

Ok, we are now looking through the photo album.

I hope that they remember! — feeling happy.

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  1. This is such a wonderful tribute to this soldier's life. Well done.